CNN 2020 Election Marketing Package


With 435 House races, 34 Senate races and a Presidential election, the stakes have never been higher than 2020. We partnered with CNN to develop a multi-platform Election Package that could carry the weight of the moment and evolve throughout the 18-month election cycle. 


2020 is like no other political race in history. More candidates than ever before. Dozens of town halls. Hundreds of hours of coverage. All of the issues shaping America. With so much information flooding the election, our creative concept was developed to “Highlight” what’s important for the viewer and make sense of the landscape.



From Town Halls to Primaries to Presidential Debates to Election Night, there’s a rhythm and cadence to CNN’s election coverage, and our package needed to make this clear for viewers. We visualized the crescendoing narrative by creating a graphical language that frames the most striking images and the most impactful information with an approach that becomes more refined as the election cycle progresses.


There’s a lot of preparation that needs to happen before hitting the campaign trail. The 2020 Election Package was no different; we explored a spectrum of concepts, treatments, type, and animation techniques before arriving at the “elected” creative concept. 

Landscape Audit & Intake

Broad Strokes Development


Like the 2020 candidates, we know a good delivery is critical to success. We delivered a responsive motion graphics toolkit that empowered CNN’s editorial staff to create elements on-the-fly that adhere to the brand guidelines -  without requiring access to design teams. 

For our 2020 politics package, we challenged Compadre to deliver a solution that was not only functional across a wide range of events, but had a style that was only CNN.

Compadre developed a visually striking, CNN branded solution that our internal teams can easily implement and adapt to the many needs we have over the next 15 months.
— Whit Friese


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